"Freight Train"
(Mother Hubbard mix)


Aligned with National Indigenous Peoples' Day

"Freight Train (MH mix)" asks us to be honest with ourselves: Can we handle the truth, accept what is, reconcile and move forward together?

Lola Parks

Lola Parks (Sandy Powlik) is a Soul Folk Pop singer-songwriter from Vancouver. Her style is intelligent, intimate, evocative, boho chic. A skillful and intelligent songwriter, she is deeply influenced by her Indigenous and European heritage while staying true to her jazz roots ALA Sara Bareilles, Brandi Carlile, Bonnie Raitt, Norah Jones.


One seriously amazing voice” - Brett Smith-Daniels, Luxton Fair

"Lola Parks is the most mature, original, soulful and honest fusion/folk act I've had the pleasure to witness. Sandy Powlik’s dangerous writing and immaculate vocal stylings inspire me to get up tomorrow.” - Barry Newman, Cosmic Debris Mag


Indigenous Music Countdown #2 & #6

Indigenous Music Countdown #2 & #6


Very happy to say that there have been two Top 10 singles in the Indigenous Music Countdown since last December:

"You Are Light (Lynne's Song)" - my tribute to my sweet mama, made #7 and #2 in December 2022.

And "Freight Train (Mother Hubbard mix)" - my friend Glen Hubbard's remix of "Freight Train" hit #6 this August 2023.

I also recorded three new singles in SPANISH/español this Aug-Sep in Tenerife, España with a fabulous producer/writer, Fabio Harmanus. What a treat and amazing time it was learning about different phrasings, pronunciations, themes of Latin Pop and Latin Urban music.

Live well, and listen to great music friends!

xxxx - Sep 18th, 2023
Indigenous Music Countdown Top 40

Indigenous Music Countdown Top 40

Happy August music lovers,

Thank you to all who came out to my three recent performances in Victoria this June and July. Your support and smiling faces are truly everything and I really enjoyed each unique gig:-)

Stoked to relay that the latest release, "Freight Train (Mother Hubbard mix)", is making it's way up the Indigenous Music Countdown Top 40! Sitting at #25 this week, this is its fourth week in the Top 40, nestled among greats such as William Prince, Julian Taylor, Carsen Gray and Jeremy Dutcher.

Check out today's hottest releases at indigenousmusiccountdown.com. And if you want to vote for the tracks you like best, it's free and easy to register:-)

Enjoy the August heat. - Aug 3rd, 2023
RAW Artists Canada, July gigs - Victoria

RAW Artists Canada, July gigs - Victoria

THANK YOU to RAW Artists Canada for putting on the June 23 Victoria event @ The Hudson Public Market.
Photo: Dean Kalyan, kalyanstudios.com
Expression: I guess this is my improv face - I was coming up with a new tune during soundcheck!

“Freight Train (Mother Hubbard mix) is in the Indigenous Music Countdown Top 40!
Go to indigenousmusiccountdown.com to listen to the newest top songs. You can vote for songs you like too!

Upcoming gigs: Victoria
July 18 - Cameron Bandshell, Beacon Hill Park 6pm-6:50pm - Victoria, BC

July 22 - Songhees Plaza, Vic West 5pm-6pm - Victoria, BC

CDs will be on site - just ask! Walk away with your own personalized & signed Lola Parks CDs only $10 each or
Get a three-release bundle for just $25.

You can also listen & get the 2003-2020 Lola Parks catalogue directly from my lolaparks.com website too!
No middle-person. No hidden fees. Just you and the music.
*2022 and 2023 releases will be available at http://www.lolaparks.com very SOON!

Very excited to play & sing for you LIVE again. See you soon, Victoria! - Jul 11th, 2023
Pre-Save \

Pre-Save "Freight Train (Mother Hubbard mix)" Now!

Hello hello music friends,
Stoked to release a new, re-envisioned version of "Freight Train" on Friday, June 16.

Be the first to hear it, Pre-Save it now: https://show.co/sYEPIZd

Aligned with National Indigenous People's Day (June 21), "Freight Train (Mother Hubbard mix) is a Country Pop tune calling us to reflect: Can we handle the truth, accept what is, forgive, reconcile, make amends - or is it too late? #NationalIndigenousPeoplesDay

The original "Freight Train" was an Americana musical shotgun to your heart, and my return to writing on piano after many years. Now a Pop Country song, it applies to an intimate relationship as well as a sociopolitical human rights context, notably the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada (TRC). Human rights abuses and trauma aren’t done or over. Anywhere. We need to be honest with ourselves and each other, to listen, converse, love, respect and move forward together.

"At the roots, we are all connected" - filmmaker Dianne Whelan, 500DaysintheWild.com

"Mother Hubbard" is the collaboration of UK musician, engineer, producer Glen Hubbard & Canadian singer, songwriter, musician Sandy Powlik / artist Lola Parks. Glen and I met and hit it off, laughing for days, in November 2019 at a TAXI conference in Los Angeles. We stayed in contact and have become good friends. Glen's taken to re-envisioning a few of my songs and it's really neat to hear your ideas and songs envisioned in alternate and interesting ways.

Moods: dreamy, quirky, reflective, bright, anthemic, uplifting
Themes: truth, reconciliation, forgiveness, believe, carry on, hope, love

Track Credits:
Sandy Powlik - author, composer, vocals
MJ Dandeneau – bass
Glen Hubbard – remix, revision
Jeff Dawson - producer, engineer
Elisa Pangsaeng – mastering
Cover Art: photo - Stocksy, design: Wishpond - Jun 1st, 2023

"You Are The Best" out NOW

Hey friends,

New female empowerment track, "You Are The Best" comes out Friday, May 12.

Well, it was supposed to be released on May 12. But guess what?

1. Post-Production delays didn't allow the initially intended release - which was on International Women's Day (March 8). So now...

2. Tenderly aligned with Mother's Day, it's set to be released on May 12. Except...

3. I was waiting for it to show up in "Upcoming releases" on Spotify so I could submit for editorial and set up a PRE-SAVE option for you and.... Wouldn't you know it - release dates hopes dashed yet again (production delays led to three missed release dates already in the last year) - nothing in "Upcoming." But wait - why do I see "You Are The Best" under "Releases" and saying "released on Feb. 10, 2023"?! An error by my Digital Service Provider... who will remain nameless, shit happens, and coincidentally, I've just signed an agreement with a publisher/sync agency who will be taking over the digital distribution, only not just yet. Ay karai!

Amid and despite muchos foibles, fumbles, errors, and delays, the release is still in time for Mother's Day and I am still excited to release "You Are The Best".

Evidently available on all platforms NOW.

Go to https://www.linktr.ee/lolaparks to hear it on your preferred platform.

It's a female empowerment track nudging all females, but truly all humans, to take the time and care NOW to celebrate yourself and all the wonderful & weird females - and humans - in your life.

Remind yourselves of your intrinsic value, your unique way of being you, as only you can be and do.
Let yourself be happy, healthy; cool, confident, competent; strong, smart, sexy & successful.

Be You - it becomes you.

"Stand strong and true to you, 'cause you are the best!" - Apr 28th, 2023
Change of Season, Upcoming

Change of Season, Upcoming

Hello music lovers,

In Mazatlán, most snowbirds and half-timers have left and the season is winding down fast. I've not tried for more gigs, so now gig once/week: Lola y Los Lolos @ Pedro y Lola's on Sunday evenings.

Stoked and honoured to:

1 Do a Latin American music Research & Composition Mentorship devised by yours truly and supported by the BC Arts Council, with "la jefa", sync and music supervision guru Patricia Carrera (Control Freaks Music.mx).

2 Be a Mentor in the Minnekhada as Muse Songwriting Project, through June 11 in Kwikwetlem, BC.

3 Play a Lola Parks Trio show on July 21 @ fave venue Hermann's Jazz Club in Victoria, BC.

Stay in communicado, I'll keep you posted on any changes or additions and see you in June & July!

Be well - Apr 19th, 2023
Upcoming shows in Vancouver

Upcoming shows in Vancouver


Enjoying performing in Mazatlán again this winter. With more solo shows and more variety in acts and offerings, the musician and music lovers community here is growing ever closer and more supportive.

I'm ecstatic, however, to have been invited to perform at two very special events this month in Vancouver.

March 21 @ The Roundhouse, Vancouver, BC, 7:30pm: Songwriters Association of Canada presents "SONGBIRD NORTH" featuring JORDAN KLASSEN, JOHN GOGO, LOLA PARKS & SHARI ULRICH (Host). Get your tickets here: https://SongBirdNorth124.eventbrite.ca

March 22-25: BC Association of Aboriginal Friendship Centres (BCAAFC) presents "GATHERING OUR VOICES" featuring SNOTTY NOSED REZ KIDS, DJ KOOKUM, LOLA PARKS & many more! *Private Event* *SOLD OUT* https://gatheringourvoices.ca/

See you soon, Vancouver! - Mar 5th, 2023
Don\'t Delay...they say...

Don't Delay...they say...

Happy 2023 music lovers,

Very happy that I was able to record six new songs and release three singles in 2022. Recording was met with an uncanny, unprecedented amount of delays, "it's either one thing or another..." (Gord Downie) ... a sport's race, a surgery (neither mine, fortunately, ha), a miscommunication (or many), change of direction leading to no-electric-guitar-rentals-in-Perth-for-cheap or short-term... OK. So!

Excited to have recorded two remakes, and get the 6th track finished pronto. Plan to release 2-3 singles and an EP in 2023 - "la vida sigue," amigos: life goes on, my friends, and so must the music and we!

Stoked to be performing live right now in Mazatlán. Here's this two-weeks' snapshot:

Thu, Jan 19 @ Water's Edge Bistro, Centro Historico, 7-10pm: Lola & Benito (duo)

Sun, Jan 22 @ Pedro y Lola's, Plaza Machado, 6:45-10:30pm: Lola y Los Lolos (Dave Oakey, Benito Meschoulam, Darío Avila, Javier Murillo)

Wed, Jan 25 @ Macaws Bistro, Centro Historico, 7-10pm: special evening of music -- solo Lola

Sat, Jan 28 @ Torres Mazatlán (VI Resorts), Cerritos, 5-8pm: solo Lola

Sun, Jan 29 @ Pedro y Lola's, Plaza Machado, 6:45-10:30pm: Lola y Los Lolos (Dave, Benito, Darío, Javier)

Thu, Feb 2 @ Water's Edge Bistro, Centro Historico, 7-10pm: Lola & Benito (duo)

Then - after several flight cancellations and other impasses that precluded me from going to Nashville for the first time for the 2022 Sync Summit, led by CEO/sync agent/mentor Mark Frieser (Sync Summit, Disconic), I'm booked and headed to Sync Summit 2023 in Los Angeles, CA Feb 6-11 - Mark's last foreseeable live event, where I'll finally get to meet Mark and "la jefa", the most amazing woman, mentor, music supervisor and Control Freaks founder, Paty Carrera, and many other incredible music supervisors & sync agents.

Gracias al universo, gracias a todos por su apoyo duradero.
Thank you, Universe, and thank you all for your enduring support.

la vida sigue y la vida es buena - Jan 20th, 2023
New single \

New single "Never Alone" out now

Howdy music lovers!

Take a few moments to check out the new single, "Never Alone".

Along the lines of Adele, Brandi Carlile, and Billie Eilish, it's a minimalist piano ballad, an homage to the Carpenters, and a sonic farewell to my mama. After 20 years with no piano or keyboard of my own, I am loving playing and writing on piano again.

Released on Remembrance Day, "Never Alone " is about a loved one not returning home - from war or work. Mom's dad was in the army. Mom passed suddenly last fall. There is a broken promise: I will always love you. You will never be alone. There is a sadness but a carrying-on, an inner fortitude and resilience.

Love you all, stay warm & well this winter. - Nov 17th, 2022
New single \

New single "It'll Be All Right" out Sep 2

Make sure you hear the new music first:
Pre-Save and Follow on Spotify now: https://show.co/0AYMhS2
Follow on Bandcamp too: https://lolaparks.bandcamp.com

is a minimalist acoustic Indie Folk track
along the lines of Anaïs Mitchell, Tracy Chapman and Laura Marling…

Based on Billie Holiday's struggles and strife as a female and a person of colour with sexism, racism and addiction, and speaking to today's opioid overdose crisis and skyrocketing youth suicide rates.

"It'll Be All Right" is about the tragedy of early loss of life, whether overdose, suicide or natural causes.
Amid the chaos, there is awareness, slow change and optimism for the future: It'll be all right.

"It'll Be All Right" (Sep 2) and more new music coming soon - stay rad and stay TUNED!

xx - Aug 19th, 2022
June 8 show with Kym Gouchie in Gibsons, BC

June 8 show with Kym Gouchie in Gibsons, BC

Excited to announce a very special musical evening taking place in Gibsons, BC this June 8!

Local venue High Beam Dreams is celebrating Indigenous History Month and hosting Kym Gouchie (Duo) with guest: yours truly:-)

About Kym Gouchie:

With ancestral roots in the Lheidli T’enneh, Cree and Secwépemc Nations, KYM GOUCHIE is fostering change through her music and art. Her music brings awareness to First Nations and women’s issues, promoting reconciliation and community building while reminding us that we are all in this together. Her stories are a testament to the human spirit, weaving together threads of her own journey from personal tragedy to triumph. Kym’s traditional hand drum, clean, crisp acoustic guitar and full-bodied voice make her a powerful artist. Traditional First Nations, folk, and country tones alongside poignant and inspirational lyrics capture the hearts of young and old — her genuine and heartfelt performances have a profound and sometimes emotional impact on her audience. A respected elder-in-training of the Lheidli T’enneh Nation, also known as Prince George, BC, Kym is sought after to perform and speak at traditional welcoming ceremonies, cultural gatherings, schools, and conferences.

A warrior of the light, Kym’s inspirational music lifts the soul beyond its fettered state along the quest of creating a better world with compassion, understanding and forgiveness, reminding us that we are all in this together.

Event info and Tickets are available here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/kym-gouchie-duo-in-concert-tickets-338628054627

This is my first time performing in Gibsons. See you at the show! - May 30th, 2022
Cast your VOTE until May 30 or just check out new music: CBC\'s Searchlight Talent Search: VOTE NOW until May 30

Cast your VOTE until May 30 or just check out new music: CBC's Searchlight Talent Search: VOTE NOW until May 30

CBC's annual Talent SEARCHLIGHT is on now until May 30 and I entered "Freight Train."

"Freight Train" is a track so very dear to me, that speaks to truth, reconciliation, forgiveness & moving forward - together or separately, in whatever way is most progressive and healthy. It also marks a return to playing and writing with piano for me. Very special.

I LOVE CBC. They have played my songs on "The Early Edition" "On the Coast" and several other programs: "The Early Edition" selected the instrumental of my song "All This Time" as their new theme song - I couldn't feel more proud and am forever grateful.

I submit to competitions hesitantly - I mean, I'm old(er), I'm not trying to be a rock star, I don't want to try to prove myself or my music to anyone - I'd just love folks - YOU GUYS - to listen to my music and ultimately LIKE IT: for it to move, uplift and excite you, make you feel understood, like: you have a friend. You do have a friend in me. Voting aside, I'd just love for you to have a listen - or listen anew, if you've heard it before - and yay, if you like it, great. If you feel something - groovy.

VOTING is ON: May 19-30 - https://www.cbc.ca/music/searchlight/#/vote/lola-parks

Your support is so appreciated and loved. Always. Thank you so much, from the bottom of my heart.

Stay rad, healthy, strong & resilient. I love you. - May 26th, 2022
June 8 GIG: Opening for Kym Gouchie in Gibsons

June 8 GIG: Opening for Kym Gouchie in Gibsons

Hey friends,

Very excited to announce that I am opening for 2019 Stingray Music's Rising Star Award Recipient KYM GOUCHIE :-)

"A warrior of the light, Kym’s inspirational music lifts the soul beyond its fettered state along the quest of creating a better world with compassion, understanding and forgiveness, reminding us that we are all in this together... Celebrating Indigenous History Month with Kym Gouchie, recognizable Indigenous Artist, who is fostering change through her music and art."

WHEN: Wed, June 8, 2022 - 6:30 PM – 9:00 PM PDT

WHERE: High Beam Dreams - 350 Glassford Road, Gibsons, BC V0N 1V8

Get tickets HERE: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/kym-gouchie-duo-in-concert-tickets-338628054627 - May 26th, 2022
Pre-Save New single \

Pre-Save New single "You Are Light (Lynne's Song)" out May 6!


“You Are Light (Lynne’s Song)” comes out this Friday, May 6 - right on time for Mother's Day!

My sweet mama passed away fairly suddenly this past September 27. I wrote her a song and sang it to her every night for her last two weeks in hospital. I was born sick and she would come up to the hospital to hold and sing to me. I hoped this time I’d sing and she would heal.

Anyone who knew Lynne knew her tremendous capacity to love, give, share, care, smile, hug and love some more. She was a vibrant, strong, smart dynamo who embraced life and all with open arms and enthusiasm. She was light, life and love.

Here's a Pre-Save link to hear it first: https://show.co/OgS8Sg9

If you follow Lola Parks on Spotify, look for it on your Release Radar and stream, like and share.

If you don't subscribe to Lola's newsletter or follow on Spotify, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or Bandcamp (I know - pick a pony!) - what are you waiting for? Haha

I'm excited to release this song, a tribute to my mama, but it is also for all mothers. We wouldn't exist without our moms. I'm especially reflective and feeling the loss of mine just now. I keep thinking to call her, hear her voice or see her bright eyes and big grin.

Love your mom. Love yourself.

All my love & very best xx - May 3rd, 2022
From Maz to May

From Maz to May

Hola amigos,

So grateful for the opportunity to play LIVE in Mazatlán, Mexico during the past two (pandemic) winters.

I'm now in the home stretch and last weeks of my season here this year. There was a lot of shuffling of band members and venues this season and I've lucked out with the guys I get to perform with. I've also really enjoyed my Sunday funday solo gig at El Shrimp Bucket Mazatlán - I get to play originals as well as perform covers we don't do as a group.

Schedule for April 9-24, 2022:

Fridays @ Belisario 6-8pm: Lola y Darío
Saturdays @ Macaws 7-9pm: Lola y Los Lolos (Dave Oakey, Darío Avila & Omar Rios)
Sundays @ Shrimp Bucket 3-6pm: LOLA PARKS SOLO
Sundays @ Pedro Y Lola 6:45-10:30pm: Lola y Los Lolos (Dave Oakey, Gregorio O'Brady, Darío Avila & Omar Rios)

Happy to relay that I will be back in B.C. in May!

Coming up soon:

June 4 - Yurt, Gibsons (tickets $25)
July 5 - Cameron Bandshell, Victoria
July 7 - Fort St. Commons, Victoria

Book now for summer shows, special, private and corporate events: [email protected]

Stay rad, friends xx - Apr 10th, 2022
Spring & Summer

Spring & Summer

Springing ahead, amigos...

The pandemic has meant compromises, time for reflection, a call to pivot.
Grateful for the opportunity to play LIVE in Mazatlán, Mexico in 2020-2022.


Wednesdays @ Patio Escobedo 7-9pm: "Lola y Los Lolos" (Dave Oakey, Daniel Sanchez & Omar Rios) - more smooth & soulful

Saturdays @ Macaws 7-9pm: "Lola y Los Lolos" (Dave Oakey, Benito Meschoulam, Dario Ávila & Omar Rios) - more rock 'n roll

Sundays @ Shrimp Bucket 3-6pm: SOLO LOLA - sweet, smooth, soulful & some originals

*Sometimes Fridays or Sundays @ Restaur Arte 7-9pm: SOLO LOLA

Looking forward to summer in BC.

BOOK NOW for shows, special events and private events: [email protected]

Also available for vocal sessions (English, French, Spanish), lessons (piano, guitar, voice), cowrites & collabs (in-person or remotely).

Bookings: [email protected]

Stay well, stay strong, stay tuned! - Mar 16th, 2022
Announcing LIVE SHOWS!

Announcing LIVE SHOWS!

Hello friends!

Three upcoming daytime weekend gigs to let you in on:

Sat, Aug 21 - Massey Theatre Open Spaces - outdoors - 735 8th Ave., New Westminster 1pm-2pm
Sat, Sep 4 - City of Victoria - outdoors - Government St. @ View St. 3pm-4pm
Sun, Sep 5 - City of Victoria - outdoors - Government St. @ View St. 12:30pm-1:30pm

CDs of the last three releases will be available for purchase. Walk away with your very own personalized, signed album for only $10. Take home all three for just $25.

Now you can listen and buy all four albums directly from this site, no middle person - just you & the music. Simply:
Click on MUSIC at the top of the page
Click on the ALBUM you want to hear first OR press PLAY to start with the latest release, NO APOLOGIES.

Thank you for supporting original music. We can only do what do thanks to you!

See you out there! - Aug 16th, 2021
CBC Searchlight & Summertime

CBC Searchlight & Summertime

Hello, Bonjour, Hola, Kuei!

CBC's annual hunt for undiscovered talent - SEARCHLIGHT - is on now!
It couldn't be easier or faster to VOTE:

1. Click or copy & paste here: https://www.cbc.ca/music/searchlight/#/vote
2. Enter artist name
3. Click on VOTE

VOTE DAILY from MAY 11-20 for your musical artist/song of choice.

And guess what? I'll be back in Canada this summer and can't wait to tell you about a super cool gig:

CANADA DAY Drive-Thru: Cross Country Road Trip
"Celebrate Canada Day in Maple Ridge with a special drive-thru experience that will take you and your family on a cross country road trip! Soak in the sights and sounds of Canadian history, music, dance and more as you follow along from the comfort of your vehicle. Finish your journey with a taste of Canadian cuisine at the Food Truck Festival featuring diverse cultural favourites. All activities have been designed in compliance with the Provincial Health Order." https://www.mapleridge.ca/1744/Canada-Day

Location | Albion Fairgrounds & Albion Sports Complex
Date | Thursday, July 1, 2021
Time | 11:00 am - 4:00 pm

As always, I appreciate your love & support so much.
Fingers crossed we can safely connect in-person this summer!

"Life's too short to listen to bad music"

xx - May 11th, 2021
Happy 2021: Happier Times Ahead!

Happy 2021: Happier Times Ahead!

Wishing you a healthy, happy, warm & wonderful season and new year!

Looking to hear new, original music?
Head on over to the "music" tab of the site. Full Lola catalogue now available directly on the website to stream & buy.

Looking to hear LIVE MUSIC?
We’ve a fantabulous international music family of Mexican, Canadian & American musicos playing daily and also livestreaming — just for y’all while COVID keeps you at home and not going out for live music:

Go to Facebook —> Search for “Rob Lamonica & Friends” page:
Times are “loose” but here’s a basic lineup:

*Sat: Rob & the boys @ Macaws (5-8pm PT ish)
*Sun: Rob etc. @ Shrimp Bucket (1pm-4pm PT), Pedro y Lola’s (5:30-9pm PT)
*Mon: Barre Al Mar (2-5pm PT) (loving this beach gig!)
Tue: “Wingin’ It” with Lori & the boys @ Shrimp Bucket (4:30-7:30pm PT)
*Wed: sunset livestream from Rob’s with Rob and (usually) me.
Thu: “Wingin’ It” with Lori & the boys @ Water’s Edge (6-9pm PT)
Fri: “Wingin’ It” with Lori & the boys @ La Fabula (5-8pm PT)

*I play 2nd set on Sat/Sun/Sun/Mon and just Rob & I on Weds.

Hard to keep track? Make it easy on yourself: select “notifications” for the FB page and you’ll receive a gentle reminder when the page goes live.

Stay safe, strong, resilient, kind & hopeful.

All my love in this brave new year.

Having a 🎼 time, all the time❣️ - Jan 1st, 2021
Live & Livestream from Hermann\'s this Friday!

Live & Livestream from Hermann's this Friday!

Excited to announce & invite you to a 🎶LIVE 🎶 In-Person gig next Friday!

Who: Lola Parks - LIVE in Victoria - joined by Chris Van Sickle & Gord Light
Where: Hermann's Jazz Club - 753 View St., Victoria, BC
When: Friday, November 13 - 7:30-9pm PST (doors at 6:30pm)
What: we are playing original tunes from all four Lola albums, including new release *NO APOLOGIES*

Buy In-Person Tickets: https://www.hermannsjazz.com/reservations&event_id=528656
Livestream by Donation: http://www.ArtsOnView.ca/Donate
*Donations directly support the musicians and this iconic Victoria venue.

*CDs of HERE (2012), THE HUSTLE (2017) & NO APOLOGIES (2020) will be available at the venue.

We are stoked to see you & play for you!

Thank you for supporting artists & venues ❣️

See you soon❣️🎶 - Nov 9th, 2020
New Album *No Apologies* out very soon!

New Album *No Apologies* out very soon!

YASS! New Album 🎶 NO APOLOGIES 🎶 is out Friday, Sep 25.

PRESAVE it TODAY: https://show.co/noB1UPg (through Sep 24) to hear it first & unlock your very own personal access to all 7 tracks of the new album.
🎶 🎶 🎶
*NO APOLOGIES* is a musical shotgun to your heart with empowering and inclusive messaging that centres around owning all of who we are, standing strong in our roots, speaking our truth and standing up for what’s right. It’s a sonic journey that calls us to value and honour ourselves and our right to be here, to be ourselves and to respect others. It’s about awareness & responsibility, empowerment & optimism.

“Lola Parks is an award-winning soul folk singer-songwriter with a mission to achieve cultural brokerage through voice and song. She sings with an honesty that inspires her audience to dig deeper and share a genuine connection across diverse barriers. Lola’s dangerous lyrics and seductive voice compel listeners of all ages to move closer, in hopes of capturing every note and word. Her new album, No Apologies, featuring “Dreamer” and “Freight Train” is a musical shotgun to your heart and will be available on September 25th on all major platforms.”

I'm really proud of every track & there really is something in it for everyone: it will uplift you, make you think, sigh, grin & dance.
🎶 🎶 🎶

With sincerest #gratitude to the First Peoples' Cultural Council, Creative BC & the Province of British Columbia - your continued support for BC artists to create and share #music has made the latest musical dream a reality. My heart smiles on the awesomest musical team too - Jeff Dawson (producer/engineer/mixer), MJ Dandeneau (bass) & Adam Dobres (electric guitar) --we weathered delays, social distancing and travel restrictions (almost) like we weren't navigating through a pandemic storm. You make music better & I love you hugely for it.

Thanks to all who've been along for this musical escapade. May we continue on the path for years to come.

🎶Merci for adventuring with me & daring to dream the music dream. 🎶


http://www.fpcc.ca/ @firstpeoplesculturalcouncil
https://www.creativebc.com/ @creativebcs
https://www.jeffdawsonproductions.ca/ @dawsonproducer
https://www.mjdandeneau.com/ @mjdandeneau
https://www.adamdobres.com/ @adamdobres - Sep 18th, 2020
PreSave new single \

PreSave new single "Freight Train" today!

Be the first to hear new single "Freight Train"

Out this Friday, Sep. 4 -- you can PreSave today:
https://show.co/jBmpZaA (link valid only prior to release date)

“Freight Train” is a musical shotgun straight to your heart, an Americana folky-blues track that warns you to check your heart at the door. It's about collective and individual respect and responsibility. It asks you to be honest with yourself: When is it better to forge ahead together? To forgive and forget? Is it too late?

Reading: Shantaram by Gregory David Roberts
Podcasts:Tony Robbins, The Happiness Lab
Listening: Nathaniel Rateliff, Leif Vollebekk, Dawes, John Mayer
Listening: Anaïs Mitchell, Sara Bareilles, Billie Eilish, Freya Ridings

Check out "Dreamer" - available online everywhere now:

Life's too short to listen to bad music:-)

Be well, friends! - Aug 30th, 2020
New single \

New single "Dreamer" out July 31!

"This is what we've been waiting for!" say my mom & two besties #TBT.

It's happening though, friends! New single, "Dreamer" is out on July 31!

Presave it today and hear it the first day: https://show.co/rKoLHp7

I just know you're going to dig it! 🎶🎵

"Dreamer" has a groovy John Legend vibe that mixes pop and jazz with a clear and crisp female vocal.
It empowers you to be yourself, to live your best life, dares you to dream.

It was recorded at The Den in Vancouver, produced by Jeff Dawson
and features MJ Dandeneau on bass and Adam Dobres on lead guitar.

What else?:
Single #2 "Freight Train" will be released on Sep. 4
New album, NO APOLOGIES, coming to you Sep. 25.

Deepest gratitude goes to all of you who've supported and/or been involved in the making of this album.
A special thank you to First Peoples' Cultural Council, Creative BC (creativebc.com) & The Province of British Columbia without whom the album would still be a dream and not yet a reality.

#dreamer #noapologies #newmusic #gratitude #BCartist #femalesingersongwriter #Canadianmusic #originalmusic
https://www.fpcc.ca, @firstpeoplesculturalcouncil
https://www.creativebc.com, @creativebcs
https://www.jeffdawsonproductions.ca/, @dawsonproducer
https://www.mjdandeneau.com/, @mjdandeneau
https://www.adamdobres.com/, @adamdobres

"I'm a dreamer, 'cause I like to dream. Dare to dream with me..." 🎶🎵

Giddyup, amigos! - Jul 22nd, 2020
Thank you, May!

Thank you, May!

LIVE "5 @ 5:55" - final episode tomorrow!
Friday May 29: final episode of FB LIVE "5 @ 5:55" pm PT / 8:55pm ET
Live: facebook.com/sandypowlik
After: FB or youtube.com/lolaparksmusic

THANK YOU for remotely tuning in, listening, watching, commenting & supporting! Can't believe it's episode #10 already! It's been such a treat to connect with you across the screens & seas. And such a thrill to see friends check in from Indo, UK, AUS, MEX, US & all across Canada. Not sure yet if 5:55 will resume after a break or if something different will surface. It's a surprise!

OnStageLive TV & Hubcast Media interview: we had to re-stream due to poor wifi connection the first time.
Both interviews are here:

Recording - done!
Despite delays and remote tracking with Adam Dobres (guitar) & MJ Dandeneau (bass), we got 'er done, folks!
All new single (or 3) out soon, followed by 7-track EP! @ The Den Studios with Jeff Dawson (producer).

Be sure to say hello on the website, FB, YouTube, Spotify!

Subscriber bonus: How about a monthly live video(s) directly to your email? Or... private link to unreleased song / EP?
What would YOU like to see/hear moving forward? Get at me! [email protected]

Thank you - to all who tune in for FB LIVE "5 @ 5:55" Fridays - final episode tomorrow!
Thank you - Creative BC & The Province of BC: #showcasebc @creativebcs for supporting live music
Thank you - First Peoples' Cultural Council & Creative BC for supporting the upcoming release
Thank you - OnStageLive TV & Hubcast Media for the fun interview and song highlights

THANK YOU, merci bien, muchas gracias & mussi cho!

Hasta la proxima vez / a la prochaîne / until next time, amigos!
xx - May 28th, 2020

LIVE! "5 @ 5:55" Friday mini concerts


It's April. I see fire and I see rain.. Well the fires have stopped, yes?
Now there's some sun, wind, rain, earth, moon... all the elements & a lot of LIVE music ONLINE.

Yes, physically distant but surging creativity!

YOU are INVITED to Live @ 5:55: a five-song mini concert series I've started on Friday afternoons.

What: Five songs - mix of originals and covers
When: 5:55pm PT / 8:55pm ET
Why then: 5:55 is my favourite time
Why now: we are all home-dwelling and who doesn't feel like good live music on Friday afternoon?

"But what if I can't watch at 5:55," you ask?
No problemo: simply click the YouTube icon top right corner to watch episodes when the time is right for you!
*Set lists are also available in the Description :-)

The times they are a changin and the music is a comin...

What else:

New EPK: http://www.modmaypromotions.com/private/web/LolaParksEPK2020.html

New music: Been recording in studio, remotely when possible - featuring Adam Dobres (guitar), MJ Dandeneau (bass), Jeff Dawson (producer), yours truly (vox, gheetar, keys, ukelele!)

HELP needed:
a) PR: need a kickass music release strategy. 2-3 singles then EP/album. who's a music PR whiz??
b) graphic design: have 2-3 ideas for album art - Indigenous, female or local artist preferred but fit & quality are key. Let's discuss!
c) Lola mail: changing email system, so please check your Promotions/Junk folder and gently nudge me back into you Inbox.


FRIDAYS @ 5:55pm Pacific - 5 songs LIVE from me to you!
LIVE: https://www.facebook.com/sandypowlik (public page)
AFTER: https://www.youtube.com/user/lolaparksmusic

Stay happy & healthy, warm & well, safe & mighty - Apr 8th, 2020
Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays! 

Two holiday tunes for you:
"Santa Claus is Comin'" - produced by Kuba Oms and Phil Lehmann:

"Nothing But Love" - unfinished reggae Xmas song:

2019 ---- end of a decade and a year of changes, collaborations & firsts: 

Some highlights: 
-Jan-Feb: move to Vancouver, Talking Stick Festival (Full Circle: First Nations Performance)
-April: VIA Rail Artist-on-board (Vancouver to Toronto)
-April: Awarded Canadian Songwriter Challenge Scholarship by Full Circle; Co-write "Roses & Rain" with Andre Chrys & Connor Nelson
-June: mini Ontario tour: airplay on CBC Fresh Air, perform at Bar Robo and CHUO radio - Ottawa
-June: new Lola Parks Trio and Duo - gigs with Michel Bruyere and Michael Simpsonelli - Vancouver
-July: perform with Mazatlán band "RIOH" (Rob Lamonica, Ignacio Chávez, Omar Rios, Howard Anderson) - Metro Vancouver 
-May, Sep: write and record "Hey Hey" - airs on multiple CBC programs, feat. song of 2019 BC Culture Days
-Aug: Indigifest (First Peoples' Cultural Council); Another Brick in Nepal - VICA fundraiser
-Oct: Top 5 Finalist: Nominated for iN Bullseye Prize by ImagineNATIVE; perform special FPCC event @ Quaaout Lodge in Chase, BC 
-Nov: Music BC Juror, attend TAXI A&R conference in Los Angeles, perform with "RIO" in Mazatlán

*Check Facebook page for live music and photos from Mazatlán: 

Roses & Rain: https://youtu.be/T2h1jJJc7hQ
Hey Hey: https://youtu.be/CiOC4BUZX8A

Thanks for all the love and support this year - I couldn't have done it without you!

*Another great way to support artists is to Add/Like/Follow on Spotify and Add to Playlists!

Stay warm friends!

Love & Warmth,

Lola - Dec 24th, 2019
October in Lola vista

October in Lola vista

Outstanding October!

Oct. 1 NEWLANDS gig with Rob Lamonica and Ignacio (Nacho) Chávez of Mazatlán band "RIO" right here in the Lower Mainland

Oct. 3-5 VIFF AMP Accelerator in Vancouver "Three day summit with world-class experts weighing in on diversity in the music marketplace, the art of music supervision, how music rights management victories around the world are benefiting songwriters and composers" & more.

Oct. 11 TOP 5 FINALIST in imagineNATIVE & SLAIGHT Music's iN Bullseye Prize competition

Oct. 19 SPECIAL PERFORMANCE for First Peoples' Cultural Council at Quaaout Lodge on Shuswap Lake in Chase, B.C.

Oct. 21 ELECTION DAY - worked the polls, how's that for civic duty?

Oct. 25-27 SAN FRANCISCO, CA - failed Fillmore mission, but excellent time

Next up (confirmed & pending):
Nov: TAXI Road Rally (three-day conference) in Los Angeles, CA & Puerto Vallarta, MEX (10 days)
Dec: NYE gig in Victoria, BC
Jan: Folk Alliance International in New Orleans, LA
Feb: gigs in Mazatlán, MEX & recording in Vancouver, BC

Life and music are such gifts -- especially as music, travel, inspiration and connections grow and become increasingly intertwined!


Lola - Oct 29th, 2019
Autumn Breeze

Autumn Breeze

Hello Autumn!

Autumn already. My goodness.

Get ready for tomorrow night!

Oct. 1 is One Night: Mazatlán Meets Langley!
I am excited to play with stellar players - keyboardist Rob Lamonica and guitarist Ignacio Chávez of Mazatlán group "RIO" - at Newlands Bar & Grill in the hometown: Langley.

I've also played some fun and unique gigs over the past few months:
In Vancouver:
- a special Full Circle: First Nations Performance event, Richmond Maritime Festival, West End & Drive Car Free events and opened for Ontario's Tom Savage at The Heatley!

On Vancouver Island:
- INDIGIFEST (First Peoples' Cultural Council festival), Builders on the Bridge fundraiser put on by Vancouver Island Construction Association in support of Another Brick in Nepal & a sweet private party in Mill Bay.

Up next:
Oct 4-5 Vancouver Island Film Festival (VIFF) AMP Accelerator: Music in Film/TV conference

Nov 7-10: PENDING: really hope to attend the TAXI Road Rally in Los Angeles and stay at #SOCAN LA House

Otherwise... working on songs and getting ready to record the next album!

Stay warm,

Lola - Sep 30th, 2019
2019 has been a blast so far!

2019 has been a blast so far!

Hey friends!

2019 has been a pretty joyous ride so far.

I came to Vancouver on a quest: find like-minded artists who want to create, collaborate and thrive.
I am really heart-warmed and stoked at how things are working out.

Here are some 2019 half-time highlights:

June 28 - CBC Fresh Air + CHUO interview + Bar Robo @ Ottawa @cbcfreshair @cbcottawa @barrobo #YOWmusic #CBCOttawa @chuofm

June 15 - West End Car Free Day @ Vancouver: Lola Parks Trio with the incredible Michel Bruyere & fabulous Michael Simpsonelli
@carfreewestend @lolaparks @muniidobenese @simpsonelli #WECarFree #CarFreeYVR #luckyme #grateful

May 10-15 - Wrote and recorded "Hey Hey": https://soundcloud.com/lolaparks/hey-hey-call-of-the-pacific
Thank you Jeff Dawson for recording and mixing a fun and lively version! @dawsonproducer

May 5 - Bridgemans Bistro @ Mill Bay - gorgeous spot right at the marina! @bridgemansbistro

April 26-28 - Canadian Songwriter Challenge: Co-wrote "Roses & Rain" with Andre Chrys & Connor Nelson
https://youtu.be/T2h1jJJc7hQ @nimbusrecording @socanmusic @creativebcs @bellmediapr @andrechrys @itsconnornelson #CSC2019

April 20 - Scholarship from Full Circle: Indigenous Performance to attend Canadian Songwriter Challenge
@musicfullcircle #CSC2019

April 11 - house-concert @ Pam's @ Toronto - with stellar Danny Simmons - thanks Pam & Danny! @pam_ella @danielrobertsimmons

April 5-9 VIA RAIL artist-on-board program: played from Vancouver to Toronto @viarailcanada #YVR #Jasper #Winnipeg #YYZ

Feb. 21 - Talking Stick Festival @ Vancouver: organized by Full Circle: Indigenous Performance
*Thanks to Rob Thomson for getting me involved! @talkingstickfst @robjthomson @musicfullcircle

And thank you to all of YOU for supporting local, live music! It means everything.


Lola - Jun 13th, 2019
Autumn Breeze - let\'s love and create

Autumn Breeze - let's love and create


"The autumn breeze scares me, not so tenderly
The autumn breeze, nearing, take me." - Autumn Breeze

Fall is upon us.

A long time ago (in Sandyland... and in human years), I wrote a song called Autumn Breeze.
It was a sad but inspired time, my band and relationship ended abruptly and summer likewise fast slunk away.

As fall steals the sun's light and heat away, people tend to stay indoors more; artists tend to woodshed. The changing leaves and cold breeze render fall and winter creative seasons.

"The ocean breeze comes in and slaps you
Telling you what you don't want to hear.
How many times will you stand right here?" - Take You Home

Like the (still) changing seasons, the universe sometimes jolts us out of our everyday, humdrum comfort zone, prodding us to lift up out of mediocrity and the status quo. In the last year, a number of friends - both peers and elders - have passed.


"All we ever want is something genuine
All we ever want is something real
All we ever want is something beautiful
To never not be able to feel." - [yet untitled]

As well this year, I have met some amazing hearts and artists. I am superbly grateful to so many individuals and organizations for sharing their insight and kindness, and giving support and encouragement including: First Peoples' Cultural Council #FPCC #CreativeBC #SOCAN #MusicBC #AtomiqueProductions #Arpix #RifflandiaGathering #FACTOR.

Increasingly I am reminded of how we are all truly interconnected, how there is only one path: the one we take.
This season, let's open our hearts, let love in and out, create not react, build not crack.
We ought not seek to see through each other, but to see each other through.
Every day is a gift, great people are gifts, YOU and MUSIC are gifts.

"Every time I think of when I was happiest
It was with you
It was the first time I knew love
The first time I gave completely
The first time I finally unravelled myself
And wound up in you" - Autumn Breeze

We are the fortunate ones, upon our next unravelling, propelling us toward deeper joy and understanding.

Lola - Oct 9th, 2018
Correction: JoyTV segment this Saturday!

Correction: JoyTV segment this Saturday!


Correction: Last email I mentioned an upcoming CTV segment but it is actually JoyTV (in B.C.) and Zoomer Media (nationally).

This Sat, Jan. 13 @ 9:30am and Sun, Jan. 14 @ 12:30am (PST)

TUNE IN to "Our City Tonight" with Jim Gordon and Leeta Liepins for a quick Lola segment (filmed @ Yaletown's The Distillery Bar & Kitchen) and a whole lot of tasty & cultural more! The episode will repeat the same times next weekend, then will be on their Youtube channel.

Date night? Catch Lola LIVE:

Sat, Jan. 27 @ Q Bar, Fairmont Empress, 6-10pm
Sun, Jan. 28 @ Brentwood Bay Resort, 7-9pm - Jan 11th, 2018
New Album! New Website! New Lola!

New Album! New Website! New Lola!

Hey all!

Hola from Lola!

Happy holidays friends! I've missed connecting with you!

Some exciting and new stuff happening here in Victoria, B.C.!
#music #momentum #merriment

Just did my first PODCAST with Ben LeRoy from Ampheta'Zine (he's in Wisconsin!):

NEW ALBUM, "The Hustle," is up, out and on!

Spotify - https://www.spotify:artist:6gPWllhAge80xjKWbD7gQp (playlist time!)
iTunes - https://itunes.apple.com/ca/artist/lola-parks/470410481 (Lola tunes in the stream...)
Bandcamp - http://www.lolaparks.bandcamp.com (get FLAC!)
Lola site - http://www.lolaparks.com

CALL TO ACTION: Please please please - follow and add Lola to your SPOTIFY playlists!
Streaming and moonlighting on Spotify playlists are today's music currency!

NEW VIDEOS on YouTube!
I've done some live vids (tributes to Gord Downie, Tom Petty + more) and edited together a skydiving (me! skydiving!) video for All This Time:
It's the first track off the new album, original dive filmed by divemaster-videographer Kai Calicott.
Message me with cover song suggestions and feedback (How about post/review on YouTube!)

NEW WEBSITE is up! http://www.lolaparks.com
Thank you Nev Gibson!

I'm planning on arranging a special house concert with music by Lola and Mike Ferguson in January in Victoria... Message me if you'd like an invite!
I'd love to do one in Vancouver as well - do tell if you've got a fabulous place to host 30-40 distinguished music lovers!

Very best,

Lola - Dec 10th, 2017


Lola Parks was Live "5 @ 5:55" - episode 2
Live "5 @ 5:55" (pm PT) Fridays right now, friends! Tune in for a live 5-song mini-concert from th...
Lola Parks was Live "5 @ 5:55" - episode 1
Live "5 @ 5:55" (pm PT) Fridays right now, friends! Tune in for a live 5-song mini-concert from th...
Lola Parks at Lucky Bar: Bring It On Home to Me (Sam Cooke c...
http://lolaparks.com/ Lola Parks performs a cover of Sam Cooke's 'Bring It On Home to Me' live in co...


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Stay tuned & See you soon!


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