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New single "Never Alone" out now

Howdy music lovers!

Take a few moments to check out the new single, "Never Alone".

Along the lines of Adele, Brandi Carlile, and Billie Eilish, it's a minimalist piano ballad, an homage to the Carpenters, and a sonic farewell to my mama. After 20 years with no piano or keyboard of my own, I am loving playing and writing on piano again.

Released on Remembrance Day, "Never Alone " is about a loved one not returning home - from war or work. Mom's dad was in the army. Mom passed suddenly last fall. There is a broken promise: I will always love you. You will never be alone. There is a sadness but a carrying-on, an inner fortitude and resilience.

Love you all, stay warm & well this winter. - Nov 16th, 2022
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New single "It'll Be All Right" out Sep 2

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is a minimalist acoustic Indie Folk track
along the lines of Anaïs Mitchell, Tracy Chapman and Laura Marling…

Based on Billie Holiday's struggles and strife as a female and a person of colour with sexism, racism and addiction, and speaking to today's opioid overdose crisis and skyrocketing youth suicide rates.

"It'll Be All Right" is about the tragedy of early loss of life, whether overdose, suicide or natural causes.
Amid the chaos, there is awareness, slow change and optimism for the future: It'll be all right.

"It'll Be All Right" (Sep 2) and more new music coming soon - stay rad and stay TUNED!

xx - Aug 18th, 2022
June 8 show with Kym Gouchie in Gibsons, BC

June 8 show with Kym Gouchie in Gibsons, BC

Excited to announce a very special musical evening taking place in Gibsons, BC this June 8!

Local venue High Beam Dreams is celebrating Indigenous History Month and hosting Kym Gouchie (Duo) with guest: yours truly:-)

About Kym Gouchie:

With ancestral roots in the Lheidli T’enneh, Cree and Secwépemc Nations, KYM GOUCHIE is fostering change through her music and art. Her music brings awareness to First Nations and women’s issues, promoting reconciliation and community building while reminding us that we are all in this together. Her stories are a testament to the human spirit, weaving together threads of her own journey from personal tragedy to triumph. Kym’s traditional hand drum, clean, crisp acoustic guitar and full-bodied voice make her a powerful artist. Traditional First Nations, folk, and country tones alongside poignant and inspirational lyrics capture the hearts of young and old — her genuine and heartfelt performances have a profound and sometimes emotional impact on her audience. A respected elder-in-training of the Lheidli T’enneh Nation, also known as Prince George, BC, Kym is sought after to perform and speak at traditional welcoming ceremonies, cultural gatherings, schools, and conferences.

A warrior of the light, Kym’s inspirational music lifts the soul beyond its fettered state along the quest of creating a better world with compassion, understanding and forgiveness, reminding us that we are all in this together.

Event info and Tickets are available here:

This is my first time performing in Gibsons. See you at the show! - May 29th, 2022
Cast your VOTE until May 30 or just check out new music: CBC\'s Searchlight Talent Search: VOTE NOW until May 30

Cast your VOTE until May 30 or just check out new music: CBC's Searchlight Talent Search: VOTE NOW until May 30

CBC's annual Talent SEARCHLIGHT is on now until May 30 and I entered "Freight Train."

"Freight Train" is a track so very dear to me, that speaks to truth, reconciliation, forgiveness & moving forward - together or separately, in whatever way is most progressive and healthy. It also marks a return to playing and writing with piano for me. Very special.

I LOVE CBC. They have played my songs on "The Early Edition" "On the Coast" and several other programs: "The Early Edition" selected the instrumental of my song "All This Time" as their new theme song - I couldn't feel more proud and am forever grateful.

I submit to competitions hesitantly - I mean, I'm old(er), I'm not trying to be a rock star, I don't want to try to prove myself or my music to anyone - I'd just love folks - YOU GUYS - to listen to my music and ultimately LIKE IT: for it to move, uplift and excite you, make you feel understood, like: you have a friend. You do have a friend in me. Voting aside, I'd just love for you to have a listen - or listen anew, if you've heard it before - and yay, if you like it, great. If you feel something - groovy.

VOTING is ON: May 19-30 -

Your support is so appreciated and loved. Always. Thank you so much, from the bottom of my heart.

Stay rad, healthy, strong & resilient. I love you. - May 25th, 2022
June 8 GIG: Opening for Kym Gouchie in Gibsons

June 8 GIG: Opening for Kym Gouchie in Gibsons

Hey friends,

Very excited to announce that I am opening for 2019 Stingray Music's Rising Star Award Recipient KYM GOUCHIE :-)

"A warrior of the light, Kym’s inspirational music lifts the soul beyond its fettered state along the quest of creating a better world with compassion, understanding and forgiveness, reminding us that we are all in this together... Celebrating Indigenous History Month with Kym Gouchie, recognizable Indigenous Artist, who is fostering change through her music and art."

WHEN: Wed, June 8, 2022 - 6:30 PM – 9:00 PM PDT

WHERE: High Beam Dreams - 350 Glassford Road, Gibsons, BC V0N 1V8

Get tickets HERE: - May 25th, 2022
Pre-Save New single \

Pre-Save New single "You Are Light (Lynne's Song)" out May 6!


“You Are Light (Lynne’s Song)” comes out this Friday, May 6 - right on time for Mother's Day!

My sweet mama passed away fairly suddenly this past September 27. I wrote her a song and sang it to her every night for her last two weeks in hospital. I was born sick and she would come up to the hospital to hold and sing to me. I hoped this time I’d sing and she would heal.

Anyone who knew Lynne knew her tremendous capacity to love, give, share, care, smile, hug and love some more. She was a vibrant, strong, smart dynamo who embraced life and all with open arms and enthusiasm. She was light, life and love.

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I'm excited to release this song, a tribute to my mama, but it is also for all mothers. We wouldn't exist without our moms. I'm especially reflective and feeling the loss of mine just now. I keep thinking to call her, hear her voice or see her bright eyes and big grin.

Love your mom. Love yourself.

All my love & very best xx - May 2nd, 2022
From Maz to May

From Maz to May

Hola amigos,

So grateful for the opportunity to play LIVE in Mazatlán, Mexico during the past two (pandemic) winters.

I'm now in the home stretch and last weeks of my season here this year. There was a lot of shuffling of band members and venues this season and I've lucked out with the guys I get to perform with. I've also really enjoyed my Sunday funday solo gig at El Shrimp Bucket Mazatlán - I get to play originals as well as perform covers we don't do as a group.

Schedule for April 9-24, 2022:

Fridays @ Belisario 6-8pm: Lola y Darío
Saturdays @ Macaws 7-9pm: Lola y Los Lolos (Dave Oakey, Darío Avila & Omar Rios)
Sundays @ Shrimp Bucket 3-6pm: LOLA PARKS SOLO
Sundays @ Pedro Y Lola 6:45-10:30pm: Lola y Los Lolos (Dave Oakey, Gregorio O'Brady, Darío Avila & Omar Rios)

Happy to relay that I will be back in B.C. in May!

Coming up soon:

June 4 - Yurt, Gibsons (tickets $25)
July 5 - Cameron Bandshell, Victoria
July 7 - Fort St. Commons, Victoria

Book now for summer shows, special, private and corporate events: [email protected]

Stay rad, friends xx - Apr 9th, 2022
Spring & Summer

Spring & Summer

Springing ahead, amigos...

The pandemic has meant compromises, time for reflection, a call to pivot.
Grateful for the opportunity to play LIVE in Mazatlán, Mexico in 2020-2022.


Wednesdays @ Patio Escobedo 7-9pm: "Lola y Los Lolos" (Dave Oakey, Daniel Sanchez & Omar Rios) - more smooth & soulful

Saturdays @ Macaws 7-9pm: "Lola y Los Lolos" (Dave Oakey, Benito Meschoulam, Dario Ávila & Omar Rios) - more rock 'n roll

Sundays @ Shrimp Bucket 3-6pm: SOLO LOLA - sweet, smooth, soulful & some originals

*Sometimes Fridays or Sundays @ Restaur Arte 7-9pm: SOLO LOLA

Looking forward to summer in BC.

BOOK NOW for shows, special events and private events: [email protected]

Also available for vocal sessions (English, French, Spanish), lessons (piano, guitar, voice), cowrites & collabs (in-person or remotely).

Bookings: [email protected]

Stay well, stay strong, stay tuned! - Mar 15th, 2022
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