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Stoked to release a new, re-envisioned version of "Freight Train" on Friday, June 16.

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Aligned with National Indigenous People's Day (June 21), "Freight Train (Mother Hubbard mix) is a Country Pop tune calling us to reflect: Can we handle the truth, accept what is, forgive, reconcile, make amends - or is it too late? #NationalIndigenousPeoplesDay

The original "Freight Train" was an Americana musical shotgun to your heart, and my return to writing on piano after many years. Now a Pop Country song, it applies to an intimate relationship as well as a sociopolitical human rights context, notably the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada (TRC). Human rights abuses and trauma aren’t done or over. Anywhere. We need to be honest with ourselves and each other, to listen, converse, love, respect and move forward together.

"At the roots, we are all connected" - filmmaker Dianne Whelan,

"Mother Hubbard" is the collaboration of UK musician, engineer, producer Glen Hubbard & Canadian singer, songwriter, musician Sandy Powlik / artist Lola Parks. Glen and I met and hit it off, laughing for days, in November 2019 at a TAXI conference in Los Angeles. We stayed in contact and have become good friends. Glen's taken to re-envisioning a few of my songs and it's really neat to hear your ideas and songs envisioned in alternate and interesting ways.

Moods: dreamy, quirky, reflective, bright, anthemic, uplifting
Themes: truth, reconciliation, forgiveness, believe, carry on, hope, love

Track Credits:
Sandy Powlik - author, composer, vocals
MJ Dandeneau – bass
Glen Hubbard – remix, revision
Jeff Dawson - producer, engineer
Elisa Pangsaeng – mastering
Cover Art: photo - Stocksy, design: Wishpond - Jun 1st, 2023