"You are Light" 

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For my mom and all the amazing mamasitas out there
Cast your VOTE until May 30 or just check out new music: CBC\'s Searchlight Talent Search: VOTE NOW until May 30

Cast your VOTE until May 30 or just check out new music: CBC's Searchlight Talent Search: VOTE NOW until May 30

CBC's annual Talent SEARCHLIGHT is on now until May 30 and I entered "Freight Train."

"Freight Train" is a track so very dear to me, that speaks to truth, reconciliation, forgiveness & moving forward - together or separately, in whatever way is most progressive and healthy. It also marks a return to playing and writing with piano for me. Very special.

I LOVE CBC. They have played my songs on "The Early Edition" "On the Coast" and several other programs: "The Early Edition" selected the instrumental of my song "All This Time" as their new theme song - I couldn't feel more proud and am forever grateful.

I submit to competitions hesitantly - I mean, I'm old(er), I'm not trying to be a rock star, I don't want to try to prove myself or my music to anyone - I'd just love folks - YOU GUYS - to listen to my music and ultimately LIKE IT: for it to move, uplift and excite you, make you feel understood, like: you have a friend. You do have a friend in me. Voting aside, I'd just love for you to have a listen - or listen anew, if you've heard it before - and yay, if you like it, great. If you feel something - groovy.

VOTING is ON: May 19-30 - https://www.cbc.ca/music/searchlight/#/vote/lola-parks

Your support is so appreciated and loved. Always. Thank you so much, from the bottom of my heart.

Stay rad, healthy, strong & resilient. I love you. - May 25th, 2022
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New album out now. Stream & Buy directly from here on the site! Also available on Bandcamp and iTunes.

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No Apologies


Cheater Boy
Hey Hey
Better Fit
Shallow Breathers
Freight Train
Open Eyes

The Hustle

Lola Parks - THE HUSTLE

All This Time
Do Me Right
Tell You Why
Here We Go
When I'm with You
Once in a While


Lola Parks - HERE

Trouble With Me
The Show
Inside of Me

Lola Parks (Debut)


The Sky is Falling
Special Theory of Relativity
Catch 22
September Afternoon
Now You
Hang On (Live)

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Lola Parks (Sandy Powlk) is an Indigenous Soul, Folk, Pop singer-songwriter from Vancouver. Her style is intelligent, intimate, evocative, boho chic and deeply influenced by her heritage (she’s 12th generation Canadian of Montagnais and European ancestry) and stylistically reminiscent of Sara Bareilles, Brandi Carlile, Nelly Furtado and Bonnie Raitt, while staying true to her jazz roots.

No Apologies (2020), her latest album, features the singles, “Dreamer” (July 31) and two-time (2020 & 2021) International Songwriting Competition semi-finalist “Freight Train” (Sep. 4). “No Apologies encourages us to own all of who we are, stand strong in our roots and our right to be, speak our truth and stand up to power,” explains Parks. “It’s a collection of songs about female empowerment, dialogue, forgiveness, and celebrating where we come from.”

Since release, music from No Apologies has been added to 20+ curated playlists, including From the Strait (CAN) Noble Vybe (USA), and Talk About Pop (UK), among others, featured on CBC radio, premiered in Canadian Beats and Aesthetic Magazine, reviewed in Nexus (BC), York Calling (UK) and featured in online publications like Cashbox (CAN)), Alternative Nation (UK), Soft Shelter (USA) and many more. Over the course of the pandemic, Parks hosted 10 Facebook livestreams, performed a virtual Canada Day concert, and was selected to premiere Virtual Feast, a new livestreaming platform dedicated to showcasing Indigenous artists.

Parks has created a fiercely independent musical history that includes fronting a 17-piece big band; co-founding and being sole lyricist/vocalist of folk-rock group, Sonnenblume; releasing five studio recordings; winning Female Songwriter of the Year (Vancouver Island Music Awards) and Most Outstanding Musician-Vocal Jazz (Denver Festival, USA); being nominated as Female Vocalist of the Year and Artist of the Year (VIMA); performing across Western Canada and five continents; completing a five-month residency at an eco-adventure camp in Nepal; brief residencies at hospitals in Zimbabwe and Haiti (reorganizing an AIDS clinic, performing); and participating in a peacebuilding workshop in Burma. Music from Parks has been placed on TV's Higher Ground, Mutant Films’ "The Orchard" and CBC’s current Early Edition theme song.

“One seriously amazing voice” - Brett Smith-Daniels, Luxton Fair (Vancouver Island)

 "Lola Parks is the most mature, original, soulful and honest fusion/folk act I've had the pleasure to witness. Sandy Powlik’s dangerous writing and immaculate vocal stylings inspire me to get up tomorrow.” - Barry Newman, Cosmic Debris Mag


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