Lola Parks - OnStageLive Virtual Concert

Here's a sneak preview of three yet-unreleased songs off upcoming album, No Apologies (Sep. 25, 2020), and two songs from previous releases.

The all-original five-song virtual concert was compiled and edited by Hubcast Media for OnStageLive TV's "Isolation Sessions" and interview with Fiona Forbes. Thank you to both teams for the fun!
Original stream & interview:

Set list:
1. Here We Go (album: The Hustle, 2017)
2. Hey Hey (album: No Apologies, 2020)
3. Shallow Breathers (album: No Apologies, 2020)
4. Hang On (album: Lola Parks debut, 2003)
5. Freight Train (album: No Apologies, 2020)

Artist: Lola Parks
Composer: Sandy Powlik
Genres: Folk, Pop, Soul Folk, Indie Pop, Singer-Songwriter
Videographer: Jason Sigurdson
Video editor: Adam Kennedy

Important dates:
"Dreamer" (single #1) out July 31, 2020
"Freight Train" (single #2) out September 4, 2020
NO APOLOGIES (album) out September 25, 2020
No Apologies was made possible thanks to First Peoples' Cultural Council & Creative BC and the Province of British Columbia. @firstpeoplesculturalcouncil @creativebcs

Find & follow online:
IG: @lolaparks
Twitter: @lolaparksmusic

Video Credits

Filmed: May. 8, 2020