Lola Parks Freight Train lyric video

"Freight Train" is a musical shotgun straight to your heart, an Americana folky-blues track that warns you to check your heart at the door. The song is about reconciliation and forgiveness, applicable both to an intimate relationship and in a wider, sociopolitical and human rights sense.

The song is about clarity, acceptance and deciding how to best move forward. On a general sociopolitical level - it's a call for reparation and understanding, questioning, listening, figuring out how to best move forward - together, respectfully. On a one-to-one intimate level, it's naturally different - it's more about knowing what's better for you in a particular situation - it's a call to be honest with oneself, to ask if holding on or letting go are the solution. It's a call to reflect, get clear on what is and how to best move forward.

“I wrote this song when I was finally letting go of a love relationship that was over and wrong for me,” says Lola Parks. “I’d mislead myself about the person and the reality. Major self-denial. I needed to be honest with myself, let go and move forward. I think this way of thinking also works with human rights issues, especially with the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada (TRC). Human rights abuses aren’t done or over. Anywhere. Violations and trauma are ongoing. We need to listen, converse, listen some more, help heal and support, and work toward collective betterment, understanding, acceptance and respect.”

"Freight Train" marks a return to playing and writing on piano. Growing up, I'd sit down and frequently just improvise for a half hour or more. I love the piano so much and I think my vocals, song structure and emotional impact are greater when I write with piano. But both piano and guitar are my loves and I got to do vocals, piano and guitar on this ditty:-)

This song holds a particularly special, protected place in my heart and soul. I hope it sings and speaks to you.

Composer: Sandy Powlik
Grouping: Sandy Powlik (SOCAN)
Producer: Jeff Dawson
Feat. artists: MJ Dandeneau (bass), Adam Dobres (lead guitar)
[email protected] 12508857350 One Stop
Singer-Songwriter: Indie Americana
Slow midtempo Female vocal piano
Mood: Emotive hopeful minimal moody positive powerful reflective
Theme: Breakup beautiful believe hope love
RIYL Brandi Carlile Sara Bareilles

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Posted: Mar. 4, 2023
Filmed: May. 6, 2022