"You Are The Best" out NOW

Hey friends,

New female empowerment track, "You Are The Best" comes out Friday, May 12.

Well, it was supposed to be released on May 12. But guess what?

1. Post-Production delays didn't allow the initially intended release - which was on International Women's Day (March 8). So now...

2. Tenderly aligned with Mother's Day, it's set to be released on May 12. Except...

3. I was waiting for it to show up in "Upcoming releases" on Spotify so I could submit for editorial and set up a PRE-SAVE option for you and.... Wouldn't you know it - release dates hopes dashed yet again (production delays led to three missed release dates already in the last year) - nothing in "Upcoming." But wait - why do I see "You Are The Best" under "Releases" and saying "released on Feb. 10, 2023"?! An error by my Digital Service Provider... who will remain nameless, shit happens, and coincidentally, I've just signed an agreement with a publisher/sync agency who will be taking over the digital distribution, only not just yet. Ay karai!

Amid and despite muchos foibles, fumbles, errors, and delays, the release is still in time for Mother's Day and I am still excited to release "You Are The Best".

Evidently available on all platforms NOW.

Go to https://www.linktr.ee/lolaparks to hear it on your preferred platform.

It's a female empowerment track nudging all females, but truly all humans, to take the time and care NOW to celebrate yourself and all the wonderful & weird females - and humans - in your life.

Remind yourselves of your intrinsic value, your unique way of being you, as only you can be and do.
Let yourself be happy, healthy; cool, confident, competent; strong, smart, sexy & successful.

Be You - it becomes you.

"Stand strong and true to you, 'cause you are the best!" - Apr 28th, 2023